Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two days left

Well I am almost done with my traning which I have been in for the past nine weeks. Graduation is this up coming tuesday. Thursday and friday were spent in our capstone project where we are given various scenerios and we have to come up with and answer to how we would solve the problem based on what we have learned durring the course using the various AFI ( Air Force Instructions). Its been very interesting and fun we have one more day of capstone tommorrow but we will also be running through the graduation ceremony which is on tuesday. I am really looking forward to being done and going back to the squadron. Also this last saturday we had our third basketball game for the stake and our ward lost the game which makes our record 2-1 which isnt bad and we have two more games before the tournament and then the tournament so we will see how well we do. This last game was hard in part because the team we played had at least three players who were over 6'5" so they were heavy stacked. We will see how it turns out in the end over the next few weeks. Sia is getting closer and closer to her due date she is really looking forward to giving birth and not be pregnant any more. So we are both getting closer and closer to being done with our various "projects".

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Weeks left

Hello all this is Anthony im not sure how long its been since sia wrote but I know i havent written anything in a while. Well yesterday was the second and last PT test that I have to take for this training. Any time we're in training for AETC ( Air Education Training Command) we have to take two PT tests. On my first one I got a 100% and on this last one I got a one hundred percent as well. I am very happy about that since I also got a lower run time then on my last run not my fastest ever but faster then the first time. I am also on the last block of instruction and will graduate in two weeks exactly on the fifteenth. I am definatly looking forward to being out of training and back to the regular squadron where I am still sloted to be the Material Management Flight Commander. One more test and a capstone project and im done with training and then I can really get some on the job training.