Sunday, July 25, 2010

Training News

I have not kept this thing up to date to well like Sia has I was removed from training about two weeks before Brittney's wedding. I am now waiting to see if I will be reclassified into a different career field if I am not reclassified I will be separated from the Air Force which means essentially that I will be kicked out and won't be in the Air Force any more which I am hoping doesn't happen. On the 2nd of Aug the packet that was sent to HQ will be reviewed to see if I will be reclassified. I should then be told about a week later as to what will be happening so I am back at the drug testing center waiting to see what will happen. I will keep everyone posted.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kelly's 1st Birthday

A year has passed by so quickly. We had a birthday party for her 2 weeks ago back in Arizona we celebrated not just hers but all the birthdays that was in July. She had her own cake. She loved getting into her cake. Alot of people came to the party. They day before the party was my sister in-law's wedding. Then the week after the party was the Karl B. Eagar Reunion. So It was a good turnout. She can walk without stumbling, she has really good balance and she can understand some words like uma(Kiss), wave, and she can say dada. Yesterday I said to her "Say Mama" and She said mama like twice and that was it. We love how she is learning very quickly. We can't wait for another year to pass by to celebrate her birthday again.