Saturday, December 18, 2010


Well, We have been here at San Antonio for a month. The drive from Arizona to San Antonio was an ok drive I didn't do most of it. I was happy to have my Father in-law Vince Lemons come with me. We drove in one day. Kelly was good throughout the whole trip. A couple of times she was fussy but she did take some nap. We got into San Antonio around 11 pm. We didn't get enough sleep just because kelly had taken so many naps on the way down here. We got to the airport and waited for Anthony's flight. We literally picked him up and dropped Vince off. I was happy to see him. Driving around San Antonio is a little confusing if you are new to the area. We found a house within days. We moved in within a week. We moved in on Black Friday. While people are out shopping I spent the day unpacking. Anthony got me a washer and dryer for my birthday. With Christmas in a week, we are done with Christmas shopping and looking forward for Christmas. Kelly can't seem to get away from the tree and the gifts under the tree. To all our family and Friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!