Monday, November 21, 2011

Marathon and changing times

Ok Sorry I just noticed that the last Post was the capital to coast relay. Well just as an Update two sundays ago on the 13th of November I ran my first Marathon. I ran the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon which is a traveling marathon and is held in different cities around the courntry. I ran it in 4 hours and 17 seconds which is about a minute slower then my sister Brittney did her marathon in Salt Lake. It was an awsome experiance which my mom came to see. She flew down on Friday and spent the weekend with us and left on Sunday evening after I had run the marathon. For those of you who dont know a marathon is 26.2 miles. Most people complain about having to drive that sort of distance and I ran it which was cool. Sia and I are now going to train for a half marathon that Sia wants to do in Austin. I think it will be fun a little easier for me since I will be running at Sia's pace but it will be fun for us to run together and to help her be able to complete this goal of hers which she has had for awhile. She was going to run a half marathon with some friends back in October but her friends backed out and so she ended up not doing it since she doesn't want to do her first one alone. So come February we are going to run the Austin half marathon. We are really looking forward to it. I hope it goes well espcially since it will be Sia's first long distance and I mean long distance run. I know she will have fun. Another update I have is that we went to the mall on Saturday just to walk around afterwards we let Kelly ride some of the rides that there usually are when you leave a store or mall or anything of the sort. Each ride was 75 cents so we spent $1.50 for her to ride the two rides. Reminded me of when I was a kid and my parents primarily my mom would give us 1 cent each and we could either ride the horse or get the microscopic peice of gum. My how times have changed there isnt anything you can by for one cent anymore and welcome to inflation of 20 years. Oh boy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well this last weekend I did the Capital to Coast run here in texas which is a race from Austin to Corpus Christi. The race is 223 miles long which is split up into 36 different legs of differing lengths. The shortest of the legs is 4.5 miles and the longest is 7.33 two of the legs are the 7.33 all the rest are in the 5 to 6 mile range with most being in the 6 mile range. For those who wish to see the exact distance of each leg you can google capital to coast run and you will find the official page and it has a list of the legs and pictures of where each leg stops and where each one finishes along with how far each one is and a description of the route and what to expect. For example if it is just flat and straight or if it has turns and where the turns are as well as any hills to be aware of. I really enjoyed it and hope to be able to do it again next year. Next time I would like to get a team from my own squadron to run it but I dont know if we would have enough people that would want to do it to make a team. The minimum number of runners you need for a team is 8 and the max is 12 with 12 runners each person would end up running 3 legs of the race. When we did it one of the girls dropped out and the person after her who was to run took over what we didn't know is that if you do that or don't even run one of your legs you can't come back into the race later on, so she was out for the rest of the race and was there to cheer the others on but since she was out the rest of had to shift legs and some picked up a few more legs then they initially had. I initially was supposed to run every ninth leg so 9, 18, 27 and then the last leg number 36. If I had run those legs I would have ran just over 27 miles total so that would have been just over a marathon. With the change up I ended up running legs 9, 17, 25, 33, and 35. The last two were the hardest for me especially the last leg because I only got one legs break in between the last two so there wasn't much rest time. In leg 33 I was able to pass one person but then in leg 35 another team member from there team passed me up because I was quite tired. So in total I ran 5 legs which is more then most of the rest of the team I think only 3 of us ended up running a 5th leg. With the 5 legs totaled together I ended up running 30.07 miles. Not bad for one weekend I was sore for the next two days though I will admit. Sia and the kids came down to Corpus to see me finish which ment that that they missed the ward trunk or treat which Sia wasn't happy with me missing since I wasn't around for halloween last year because of ASBC. So we all missed it and I was glad that they came down and got to see me finish the race. They enjoyed the beach especially Kelly who played in the water before I got there. So it was a long weekend for us all for me because of the race for Sia because it was just her and the kids at home as well as the fact that she had a preparedness fair for the stake that she was helping out with and so that made here busy along with having to watch the kids. It was just one of those weekends where everything seems to pile up but we made it through. Now its back to school, work and family life. Which is a nice change of pace from this last weekend, Sort of.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mini Me

Kelly is 2 years old now and she is growing up so fast. She is very observant. She will copy pretty much anything anthony or I do. She loves to help out around the house. She is such a great helper and I can't wait until she can do thing more independently. This past week I have been watching her as she has been watching me when I do laundry, put her in time out wash dishes and cook dinner. As I observe what she is doing I quickly snapped pictures of her becoming self reliant. I am so grateful for a daughter who loves to help and I am so grateful that she is continuing to learn and grow.
doing laundry

putting her baby in timeout

washing her own dishes

Cooking dinner

Friday, September 30, 2011


Well we just got back from a wonderfully eventful afternoon. Robert had a doctors appointment at 2 though sia thought it was at one so I left work at lunch to take them to get lunch then go to the appointment to have Sia think it was at two and then I called to find out for sure when it was. So I was only at work for the morning though thats not what im writting to tell you all about. Roberts appointment went well he is growing and is right on track with where he should be and everything. This was his six month appointment though which means it was accompanied by shots. Of course he was not thrilled with the idea got them anyway and survieved the experiance. Kelly also got her flu shot for the year which she cried about for five min and then was over it. The doctor then informed us that robert could also be given the flu shot so he got yet another shot so after having gotten him calmed down here comes some more pain. The last time sia got a shot was back in high school so she was well over due for some shots. She got the flu shot as well as two others fun stuff so three out of four of us got shots fortunatly I was up to date and had gotten my flu shot two weeks ago or so, so I didnt need anything I was happy to not have to get a shot. Sia and the kids are not sleeping although I think I hear kelly in her room playing but as long as she is quiet and not being obnoxious Im good to go. Have a fun day and get your shots if you haven't.

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Additions to the family

Meet Jester(Left) and Sirius(Right). We orginally had juest Jester but one night he had follow some kids home and didn't come back for a day. I was coming home from school and when I got home I asked Anthony "Where is Jester?" He said " Good Question." at that point I started to panic. I was completely devastated. The next morning I felt like a little kids trying to find her lost puppy. I posted flyers of him hoping someone will bring him back to us. That same day kelly's teacher was coming over to work on her speech. I had told her that we had lost Jester. She was so sad she wanted to help. She said that her secratary has a black lab that they need to get rid of and so I said sure I just need a dog. As an impatient person I am sometimes and as a first time owner I didn't know what to do so I just took the opportunity not knowing when Jester will come back.
That night Anthony got a call saying we might have your dog. Anthony described him and on the other line all I heard was We got him. Anthony got the address and then quickly ran out the door and down the street to where he has been staying and anthony brought him back home. I was so happy to have him home. Then Sirius came to the picture the day after we found Jester.
Call me Crazy for having two dogs but I am having fun loving these dogs. These dogs keep eachother busy. Jester tends to instigate and so Sirius puts him in his place.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School!!!

So This girl(Me) is going back to school today. This past weekend I got my last two wisdom teeth out. I was so miserable I couldn't take care of my kids let alone myself. Thank Goodness for friends, I don't know what I would do without my friends. I scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out on friday so that anthony would take care of me and the kids. IT didn't happened the way I wanted but oh well that's the military. Anthony had to go in to work that saturday. He called our good friends Nicole and Aaron Nebeker and their son Braxton to come and babysit me and the kids. I don't remember much of what I said to them but I was pretty loopy.
With school starting this week, I was so excited I wanted to go shopping and get new clothes. I felt like a little kid trying on clothes. We all went to target as a family. I came out with nothing though. Instead of buying clothes for me I bought clothes for my kids. Maybe I need a shopping day just for me. lol.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well aboutan hour and a half ago after listening to Robert cry and yell for a while I reached my hand into his mouth and rubed along his bottom gum line and there is the fainted feeling of teeth. So it looks like we are going to be going back to the teething stage again. This should be fun as the pain gets worse and we will see how he handles it. That will eventually mean solid food but were still a good ways from that.


This family is in Training. Anthony is training for a Full Marathon He will be doing the Rock 'n' Roll marathon on Nov. 13, 2011.
I am training for a Half Marathon on October 29, 2011. It's called Chosen for Adoption Half Marathon. I have never ran more than a mile before training for this half marathon. Thanks to my good friend Sara Henderson for asking me to do it with her I've been motivated to do something out of my comfort zone. Thankfully Anthony is experience with running he is training me at the same time he is training for his marathon. As far as my training, the farthest I have run so far is 6.15 miles. I was sore the next day.
As for Kelly she is potty training so far she is doing well in the daytime. We don't know how we are going to do at night time when she is asleep.
As for Robert....well he is always in training training to become a big boy. he can flip from his tummy to his back. He can pick up his head really good. And of course he is eating constantly. He can sleep through the night mostly every night which is nice because he gets up before Anthony goes to work and by the time I get up he has already been changed and fed.
On top of all this training, I am going back to School. Oh Boy!! What did I get myself into? lol.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Change of Command

This is me at the change of command last friday on the 15th. Our squadron Commander LTC Filman just PCS'd (permanent change of station). In this picture I am saluting LTC Gonzalez our new SQ/CC. I played the role of Commander of Airmen (COA). It was an easy yet important role and I was glad to play that part. The major from our Squadron who was deployed has returned and is the SQ/DO Squadron Director of Operations. At the end of the month the Captain from the squadron capt. Russel returns at the beginning of next month, she is an interesting character.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Kelly turns 2 today!!!!

Today my little Kelly is not little anymore.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Helpers

So I was going through pictures of Kelly and Robert and here is what I found:
Kelly at 2 months old
Robert at 2 months old
These two are my everything. Kelly is such a big helper she loves taking care of Robert. When Robert cries she goes and puts the Binky in his mouth. She checks his diaper to see if it needs to be changed. She gives him kisses before going to bed. She is such a big helper. Robert is growing everyday. On Father's day he giggled for his daddy. Anthony enjoys being a Father. He is such a good husband as well, he lets me sleep in on the weekends while he takes care of Robert. He even gets up during the night to feed Robert. After Kelly was born, Anthony would get up in the middle of the night to take care of Kelly. After Robert was born I would get up to take care of Robert. Anthony told me he could get up to feed him and change his diaper. He also said to me that that is the only time he has to have one on one with his son. I am really proud of him and what he has done for this family.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Marathon training/class

As seen here Kelly is out running her aunt Ame along the path that goes around the parade feild at lackland AFB. Who knows maybe one day she will be a runner like her dad. Which brings me to today and my traning for the rock and roll marathon here in San Antonio this up coming november. This morning while the rest of the family slept ( sia and robert went back to sleep after she got up to feed him). I went for a run as part of the training that I have been doing for the marathon. I ran from our house to the Air Force base to the Warhawk gym on base which is about half a mile from the gate I came in or so and then back to the house in total I ran about 13 miles which is half a marathon. I was the solo run that I have ever done and though I am quite worn out from it I did pretty good and felt stong most of the way. Once I arrived home and had stopped and my muscles had a chance to regain feeling I have felt even more tired but it was a good run.
On a completely different topic thursday I finished my LOG 299 Combat Logistics course that I had been going to for a little over a week. It is put on through AFIT the Air Force Institue of Technology its an extra training thing that goes on your record, its not vital to a career but its one of those things that can help set you apart from your peers. Yesterday on friday I went back to my normal job but dont have a desk for right now so I was put at one of the TSgt tech sergents desk for the rest of the day. Being at that desk I was able to log into the AFIT web site and do the online LOG 99 Fundamentals of Logitics course. Now all I have to do is the LOG 199 and I will be completely up todate that is another classroom instruction course though and wont be here at lackland for the rest of the year. So maybe it will come next year and I can do it then. Anyway class was good and the run this moring was to. That should bring everyone up to date.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He's Finally here!!!!!!

He's finally here. Robert Sione Vea Lemons was born on March 30, 2011 at 8: 30 pm. He weighed at 8 lbs. 3 oz. 20 1/4 in. long. This labor wasn't very easy. It started out on that monday My mucus plug came out. That evening we all went for a walk. We got back to the house and I noticed something was wrong I had more blood coming out. We went to Labor and Delivery just to check know that I wasn't in labor yet. The doctor told me I was dilated to 1 cm. That night I had trouple sleeping. The next day I was timing my contractions. They were 7-10 mins. apart. I was in the early part of labor. That evening I went to the bathroom after I was done, I noticed something fluids came out. I didn't know if it was my water if I just had pee my pants. I called the Relief Society President. The reason why I called her is because she is a Midwife. She came over and told me that your water did break. My mom was coming here but she didn't fly out until the next day. So that night called one of the sisters in the ward to watch Kelly. I called the Labor and Delivery Room and they said that there was no more room for me so they diverted me to a different hospital. I was a little bummed because we were less than 1o minutes from the hospital on base. Now we had to drive to another hospital that was like 20 mins. We got to the Hospital around 10:30 pm and I wasn't feeling any different then before my water broke. They told me I was not having contractions 4-6 mins. apart. by then I was dilate to 2 cm. couple hours has passed and then I meet the Doctor Garcia. Dr. Garcia looked exactly like my dad. He talked and walked like my dad. He then checked me and told me that I'm leaking green dischage which means there is poop inside of me. So they had to speed up the labor. By then I wanted an epidural. By 6:30 am I was completely dilated. once again I was pushing for a while. Robert didn't want to come down. He was also big. At this point, the dr. suggested that I need a C section. I was afraid and that I wanted to do this naturally. He gave me 10 more mins to push but nothing had change. The nurse and the dr. told me that the risk of going naturally any more further would put the baby at risk. I told them ok lets do it. In the back of my mind, I was scared. Especially for a first time c section. Anthony left the room and I wanted him to stay with me. I wanted to cry. They then prep me. All I could remember is looking up at the lights then we were headed to the OR. I then closed my eyes because I didn't want to see anything or feel anything. Onced I closed my eyes, I could hear Robert's first cry. I opened my eyes and then I turned my head and I see a guy with glasses coming closer to me. At first I was like "Who is this?" then I realized it was Anthony. He looked like one of them. I asked him if he was ok he said he is fine. I told him I was scared. He said I was doing great. Then I closed my eyes again and then I opened it I was in the recovery room. I didn't get to hold Robert until 2:00pm. It was a long time. Once I held him for the first time I felt a deep connection between me and my son. Soon after I got to see Kelly and Anthony. It was a picture perfect to hae my husband, my daughter and my son in the room.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two days left

Well I am almost done with my traning which I have been in for the past nine weeks. Graduation is this up coming tuesday. Thursday and friday were spent in our capstone project where we are given various scenerios and we have to come up with and answer to how we would solve the problem based on what we have learned durring the course using the various AFI ( Air Force Instructions). Its been very interesting and fun we have one more day of capstone tommorrow but we will also be running through the graduation ceremony which is on tuesday. I am really looking forward to being done and going back to the squadron. Also this last saturday we had our third basketball game for the stake and our ward lost the game which makes our record 2-1 which isnt bad and we have two more games before the tournament and then the tournament so we will see how well we do. This last game was hard in part because the team we played had at least three players who were over 6'5" so they were heavy stacked. We will see how it turns out in the end over the next few weeks. Sia is getting closer and closer to her due date she is really looking forward to giving birth and not be pregnant any more. So we are both getting closer and closer to being done with our various "projects".

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Weeks left

Hello all this is Anthony im not sure how long its been since sia wrote but I know i havent written anything in a while. Well yesterday was the second and last PT test that I have to take for this training. Any time we're in training for AETC ( Air Education Training Command) we have to take two PT tests. On my first one I got a 100% and on this last one I got a one hundred percent as well. I am very happy about that since I also got a lower run time then on my last run not my fastest ever but faster then the first time. I am also on the last block of instruction and will graduate in two weeks exactly on the fifteenth. I am definatly looking forward to being out of training and back to the regular squadron where I am still sloted to be the Material Management Flight Commander. One more test and a capstone project and im done with training and then I can really get some on the job training.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family update!!!

Ok Anthony and I haven't been updating our blog for awhile. Anyways, I'm 28 weeks pregnant!!!! Hooray 3rd and last trimester!!!!! I just had my 28 week appointment yesterday. I brought Kelly with me so that she can hear the heartbeat of her little Brother!!! The heartbeas is strong. Everything is fine doc said to take it easy. More pills to take. I have to be careful picking up Kelly. There are times when Kelly puts her arms up and begging me to pick her when I can't I just have to squat and give her hugs. We are having a boy. Anthony is pretty excited. He won't be the only boy in the family. We have already picked out a name. His name will be Robert his middle name is still undecided. We are thinking to put a tongan name in there.
Two weekends ago we went as a family back to Arizona for my twin sister's homecoming from her mission in Ogden, Utah. Funny thing is that she hasn't seen me not pregnant. A year and a half ago I was 8 months pregnant with Kelly. It's funny that she came back and I still look the same. Kelly got confused who her real mama was.