Monday, November 21, 2011

Marathon and changing times

Ok Sorry I just noticed that the last Post was the capital to coast relay. Well just as an Update two sundays ago on the 13th of November I ran my first Marathon. I ran the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon which is a traveling marathon and is held in different cities around the courntry. I ran it in 4 hours and 17 seconds which is about a minute slower then my sister Brittney did her marathon in Salt Lake. It was an awsome experiance which my mom came to see. She flew down on Friday and spent the weekend with us and left on Sunday evening after I had run the marathon. For those of you who dont know a marathon is 26.2 miles. Most people complain about having to drive that sort of distance and I ran it which was cool. Sia and I are now going to train for a half marathon that Sia wants to do in Austin. I think it will be fun a little easier for me since I will be running at Sia's pace but it will be fun for us to run together and to help her be able to complete this goal of hers which she has had for awhile. She was going to run a half marathon with some friends back in October but her friends backed out and so she ended up not doing it since she doesn't want to do her first one alone. So come February we are going to run the Austin half marathon. We are really looking forward to it. I hope it goes well espcially since it will be Sia's first long distance and I mean long distance run. I know she will have fun. Another update I have is that we went to the mall on Saturday just to walk around afterwards we let Kelly ride some of the rides that there usually are when you leave a store or mall or anything of the sort. Each ride was 75 cents so we spent $1.50 for her to ride the two rides. Reminded me of when I was a kid and my parents primarily my mom would give us 1 cent each and we could either ride the horse or get the microscopic peice of gum. My how times have changed there isnt anything you can by for one cent anymore and welcome to inflation of 20 years. Oh boy.