Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello all I now have some more news on what is going on. Its been a very hectic day and last few days. I got reclassed as a logistics readiness officer and was in the beginning had an assignment to Minot North Dakota " Why not Minot". Though before that I would have to go to Maxwell AFB for ASBC ( Air and Space Basics Course) which all new 2nd and 1st Lt.'s have to go to at some point. Then down to Lackland AFB in Texas for and initial skills training and then back to Minot. I just got word yesterday that my new base or where I will be permanently stationed after training is going to be Lackland AFB. The Minot portion is at least for now out of the picture which I must say I am not all that disappointed at. No more freezing cold winters at least not as cold as North Dakota. Plus not near as much traveling or moving in the process of getting into my new job. More to follow as things develop.