Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fiesta Parade/Beach 2 Bay

Ok so I know I said that I would post the day after or the day of the Fiesta Parade but I am not just realizing that I didn't. Anyway it went really well and the parade was a big success the Commander (CC) and new captain said it was really good. I really enjoyed it and only made one small mistake in my commands but it wasnt untill we were well past the reviewing stand and I called a collum right when it should have been left and they knew to go left so one small mistake the only myself and a few members of the flight knew about but there was no problem. Then in may with some people from work we did the Beach to Bay as well as Sia and another lady that we found on the internet looking for a team since one member of out team hurt is ankle and was unable to run with us. His wife still ran and he was down in Corpus Christie to help cheer the rest of us on. I ran the final leg and was able to catch out team up to a four and half hour marathon which was the distance of this relay. It was 26.2 miles long and with 6 runners everyone ran close to four miles one just a little under 4 miles. I ran 4.89 miles which was the longest of all of the legs. We all enjoyed the run, though we were all quite tired after it. It was good.