Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family update!!!

Ok Anthony and I haven't been updating our blog for awhile. Anyways, I'm 28 weeks pregnant!!!! Hooray 3rd and last trimester!!!!! I just had my 28 week appointment yesterday. I brought Kelly with me so that she can hear the heartbeat of her little Brother!!! The heartbeas is strong. Everything is fine doc said to take it easy. More pills to take. I have to be careful picking up Kelly. There are times when Kelly puts her arms up and begging me to pick her when I can't I just have to squat and give her hugs. We are having a boy. Anthony is pretty excited. He won't be the only boy in the family. We have already picked out a name. His name will be Robert his middle name is still undecided. We are thinking to put a tongan name in there.
Two weekends ago we went as a family back to Arizona for my twin sister's homecoming from her mission in Ogden, Utah. Funny thing is that she hasn't seen me not pregnant. A year and a half ago I was 8 months pregnant with Kelly. It's funny that she came back and I still look the same. Kelly got confused who her real mama was.