Saturday, May 21, 2011

Marathon training/class

As seen here Kelly is out running her aunt Ame along the path that goes around the parade feild at lackland AFB. Who knows maybe one day she will be a runner like her dad. Which brings me to today and my traning for the rock and roll marathon here in San Antonio this up coming november. This morning while the rest of the family slept ( sia and robert went back to sleep after she got up to feed him). I went for a run as part of the training that I have been doing for the marathon. I ran from our house to the Air Force base to the Warhawk gym on base which is about half a mile from the gate I came in or so and then back to the house in total I ran about 13 miles which is half a marathon. I was the solo run that I have ever done and though I am quite worn out from it I did pretty good and felt stong most of the way. Once I arrived home and had stopped and my muscles had a chance to regain feeling I have felt even more tired but it was a good run.
On a completely different topic thursday I finished my LOG 299 Combat Logistics course that I had been going to for a little over a week. It is put on through AFIT the Air Force Institue of Technology its an extra training thing that goes on your record, its not vital to a career but its one of those things that can help set you apart from your peers. Yesterday on friday I went back to my normal job but dont have a desk for right now so I was put at one of the TSgt tech sergents desk for the rest of the day. Being at that desk I was able to log into the AFIT web site and do the online LOG 99 Fundamentals of Logitics course. Now all I have to do is the LOG 199 and I will be completely up todate that is another classroom instruction course though and wont be here at lackland for the rest of the year. So maybe it will come next year and I can do it then. Anyway class was good and the run this moring was to. That should bring everyone up to date.