Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Weeks left

Hello all this is Anthony im not sure how long its been since sia wrote but I know i havent written anything in a while. Well yesterday was the second and last PT test that I have to take for this training. Any time we're in training for AETC ( Air Education Training Command) we have to take two PT tests. On my first one I got a 100% and on this last one I got a one hundred percent as well. I am very happy about that since I also got a lower run time then on my last run not my fastest ever but faster then the first time. I am also on the last block of instruction and will graduate in two weeks exactly on the fifteenth. I am definatly looking forward to being out of training and back to the regular squadron where I am still sloted to be the Material Management Flight Commander. One more test and a capstone project and im done with training and then I can really get some on the job training.

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