Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He's Finally here!!!!!!

He's finally here. Robert Sione Vea Lemons was born on March 30, 2011 at 8: 30 pm. He weighed at 8 lbs. 3 oz. 20 1/4 in. long. This labor wasn't very easy. It started out on that monday My mucus plug came out. That evening we all went for a walk. We got back to the house and I noticed something was wrong I had more blood coming out. We went to Labor and Delivery just to check know that I wasn't in labor yet. The doctor told me I was dilated to 1 cm. That night I had trouple sleeping. The next day I was timing my contractions. They were 7-10 mins. apart. I was in the early part of labor. That evening I went to the bathroom after I was done, I noticed something fluids came out. I didn't know if it was my water if I just had pee my pants. I called the Relief Society President. The reason why I called her is because she is a Midwife. She came over and told me that your water did break. My mom was coming here but she didn't fly out until the next day. So that night called one of the sisters in the ward to watch Kelly. I called the Labor and Delivery Room and they said that there was no more room for me so they diverted me to a different hospital. I was a little bummed because we were less than 1o minutes from the hospital on base. Now we had to drive to another hospital that was like 20 mins. We got to the Hospital around 10:30 pm and I wasn't feeling any different then before my water broke. They told me I was not having contractions 4-6 mins. apart. by then I was dilate to 2 cm. couple hours has passed and then I meet the Doctor Garcia. Dr. Garcia looked exactly like my dad. He talked and walked like my dad. He then checked me and told me that I'm leaking green dischage which means there is poop inside of me. So they had to speed up the labor. By then I wanted an epidural. By 6:30 am I was completely dilated. once again I was pushing for a while. Robert didn't want to come down. He was also big. At this point, the dr. suggested that I need a C section. I was afraid and that I wanted to do this naturally. He gave me 10 more mins to push but nothing had change. The nurse and the dr. told me that the risk of going naturally any more further would put the baby at risk. I told them ok lets do it. In the back of my mind, I was scared. Especially for a first time c section. Anthony left the room and I wanted him to stay with me. I wanted to cry. They then prep me. All I could remember is looking up at the lights then we were headed to the OR. I then closed my eyes because I didn't want to see anything or feel anything. Onced I closed my eyes, I could hear Robert's first cry. I opened my eyes and then I turned my head and I see a guy with glasses coming closer to me. At first I was like "Who is this?" then I realized it was Anthony. He looked like one of them. I asked him if he was ok he said he is fine. I told him I was scared. He said I was doing great. Then I closed my eyes again and then I opened it I was in the recovery room. I didn't get to hold Robert until 2:00pm. It was a long time. Once I held him for the first time I felt a deep connection between me and my son. Soon after I got to see Kelly and Anthony. It was a picture perfect to hae my husband, my daughter and my son in the room.

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