Friday, September 30, 2011


Well we just got back from a wonderfully eventful afternoon. Robert had a doctors appointment at 2 though sia thought it was at one so I left work at lunch to take them to get lunch then go to the appointment to have Sia think it was at two and then I called to find out for sure when it was. So I was only at work for the morning though thats not what im writting to tell you all about. Roberts appointment went well he is growing and is right on track with where he should be and everything. This was his six month appointment though which means it was accompanied by shots. Of course he was not thrilled with the idea got them anyway and survieved the experiance. Kelly also got her flu shot for the year which she cried about for five min and then was over it. The doctor then informed us that robert could also be given the flu shot so he got yet another shot so after having gotten him calmed down here comes some more pain. The last time sia got a shot was back in high school so she was well over due for some shots. She got the flu shot as well as two others fun stuff so three out of four of us got shots fortunatly I was up to date and had gotten my flu shot two weeks ago or so, so I didnt need anything I was happy to not have to get a shot. Sia and the kids are not sleeping although I think I hear kelly in her room playing but as long as she is quiet and not being obnoxious Im good to go. Have a fun day and get your shots if you haven't.

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