Monday, April 16, 2012


Ok so we are not all that great at keeping this thing up todate like we would like we always say we will do it and then forget other things get in the way or are just plain lazy, which is most likely the case. So not only have I done a full marthon but Sia and I did a Half marathon in Austin in Febrary which went really well. For most of our time training for it it looked like it would take about Four hours to do the half marathon. We actually finished it in 3:21. Which is quite impressive for Sia and her first long run of that nature. As we were running it was looking like we would finish at closer to the 3 hour mark. But toward the end of the course there were a number of hills that slowed Sia down so we were just over the 3 hour mark. To say the least Sia was tired afterwards. Sia has now been going to school for 3 months now for this particular semester and is taking a flex course for math which means taking two math classes durring the semester the first in the fist half and the second in the second half. She has already finished the first on and is now working on the second course. After she finishes this semester she will offically be done with the math necessary for here degree. She has been trying to go and see the counsler about what classes she needs to take next and what not but trying to get there when they are still open is hard with when I get off work and when her class starts. Eventually it will work out. I have volunteered to be the Squadron flight commander for our fiesta parade which happens each year at fiesta time which is the end of April beginning of May time frame. Its a big celebration here in San Antonio and this will be a big milary parade on Lackland AFB. Over the last couple of weeks I had had a hard problem with some of my timing but today I got to the drill pad at 0700 in the morning had one of the TI's Trainning Instructors one of the enlisted member to train the new Air Force recuits come give me some pointers. These TI's hav been working with those of us who will be participating for the past couple of weeks. Thus far we havent had to have everyone who will be marching just those who will be in the KEY spots. I am looking forward to the actual parde which will be next wednesday the 25th so I will let everyone know how it goes. We also had an easter egg hunt on base that we took the kids to as well. Also took them to disney on Ice which they enjoyed though toward the end were getting antsy. Sia and I all went to the SPURS SUNS game last saturday which got us a free dinner which was good since the suns got beat bad not even close or worth watching at the end. Oh well free food. Any way we will definatly be updating this next wednesday see you then at the latest.

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