Friday, October 9, 2009


This last wednesday was our PFA (physical fitness assesment) for those of you who dont know military accronyms. This will be my last one as a ROTC cadet though I still have the QFR at the end of the semster to be able to graduate and commision in the USAF. This being my last PFA I wanted to achieve and did achieve the score that I have recieved on the previous PFA and QFR for field training which was a 100%. I maxed out the pushups which means I did 62 in one min though I did more, 55 situps in a minute and which I also did more, and finally a mile and a half run which I did in 9:22 seconds which I am trying to get even lower. That has been my biggest event for this week. Though I am now glad that that is behind me and onward and forward.

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