Monday, November 9, 2009

Date Night

Saturday at 5:00 pm Anthony and I took Kelly to our friend's and neighbors house that lived like two doors down. 5:30 we were heading to ASU Gammage to watch "The Phantom of the Opera" in Tempe near ASU. We noticed that there were so many cars heading our direction as well. We figured that they were going to see Phantom of the Opera with us. We soon realized that there were so many people walking across the street in yellow shirts. Then I realized that there was a ASU Football game that was going to start soon. We parked our car at ASU Gammage and walked to chili's which wasn't far at all. I was wearing these high heels that kinda made it hard for me to walk to but I made it there and back in it. Phantom of the Opera started at 7:30 pm. It was AMAZING from start to finish. Andrew Varela who played the auctioneer/ monsieur Lafevre took us on a tour backstage. We didn't get a picture because we forgot our camera and he just looked tired but here is a picture of him.

That night was so amazing. Coming home was a little hectic just because everyone was heading home not just from the play but from the footall game. I know it was early but it was my graduation gift for him.

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