Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Journey to Vandenberg Air Force Base

4:00am: Anthony and I woke up packed up the car, my family came by and said goodbye. We hugged and cried for 10 minutes. ten til' 5 we were on the road. We stopped in Avondale to put more gas.
6am: We stopped at a rest stop to use the bathroom and to change Kelly's diaper. Then it was back on the road. Anthony drove first. We then stopped at Blythe because we started to get hungry so we just stopped to get some snack. We drove through the california borderline by 7 am.
10:00 am: It was my turn to drive. It was my first time driving long distance. It was scary at first but then I got the hang of it. I wasn't even tired.
2:00 pm: By the time we reached Santa Barbara we had to switch because my back was starting to hurt so I needed to stretch. Also we had to change Kelly's Diaper.
3:30 pm: WE made to Vandenberg AFB. The drive wasn't so bad at all. We are so happy to start our little journey.

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