Friday, October 15, 2010


Its been more then a month since there has been a post Sia and I are obviously arent very good at this or lead really boring lives that arent worth commenting on. Im going to go with the first option. I am now at ASBC (air and space basic course) This is the end of my second week which means that I have four left along with about four days of ECAC ( Evasion Capture and Conduct). Sorry for all of the acronyms but that is how the military rolls. Its been fun so far and it doesnt seem that it will be all that difficult or all that strenuous. ECAC on the other hand may not be so nice, but only time will tell. After ASBC I will be meeting Sia and Kelly down in San Antonio. Really looking forward to going to Texas and beginning training and then finally getting into real Air Force work and not just being in training or transition jobs. But that is still five to six months from now but at that point I will be half way to pinning on 1st Lt. I will try to post once more at least before the end of ASBC but I make no promises.

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