Friday, March 8, 2013

How I met my husband

          Today Anthony and I have been married for 5 years. We have been friends for a long time. Let me tell a story of how we met. It was the summer of August of 1997, My family had just moved to the Island of Guam. Our first Sunday at the Barrigada Branch was quite smaller than what I was use to in wards back in Hawaii. I remember seeing the young men blessing and passing the Sacrament. Particularly I remembered Anthony a 12 year old boy passing the sacrament.That was the first time I saw him. While the sacrament is being passed we are supposed to remember our savior Jesus Christ well me being 9 years old I was in la la land and I remembered thinking in my head I want to marry a boy like him (Anthony). While I was in Primary Anthony's mom was my primary president. Later his family and my family got together once a month  and have Family Home Evenings. I would get so excited just to see Anthony when my parents would say we are going to Lemons for Family Home Evening or we need to clean the house because the Lemons are coming over soon. Usually when we are with the Lemons Family he would play with my two young brothers Paul and Eku. When my mom was young women president she would have all the young women sleepover on Saturday nights and ride with us to church on Sundays. Those nights the girls would talk about how cute the boys are, when I hear they are talking about Anthony I would lay on my bed with my hear near the door and just dream about him. When I turned 14 I was so excited because I was able to go to dances. At a youth dance I remembered him walking up do me and asking if I want to dance I got all excited inside and I responded "Yes!" I don't remember the song we danced to. I wished I had. My family was getting ready to move back to Hawaii. On the morning at the Airport, we had friends come to say goodbye to us. Anthony was there too. We hugged and said goodbye.
           Fastforward to 2004, I got an email from Anthony's dad name Vince. He wrote how his family is doing and asked how we were doing. At the end of the email he wrote "P.S. I wouldn't mind having you as a daughter in-law!." That time I though he was just kidding. Couple years later I had already graduated and we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. In January 2006, Anthony's family came to Vegas. I knew he wasn't going to be there because he was on a mission in Puerto Rico for our church which was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His family was there and also another family we knew from Guam was there. It was like being on Guam again having Family Home Evening. The Lemons Family invited us to Mesa, Arizona for Anthony's Homecoming. My folks said yes, I got all excited again. The drive to Arizona was so exciting. The 4 hour drive all I could think of was I can date him now since I'm not a kid anymore. As soon as we got to the house I had butterflies in my stomach. I walked through the door and went to the kitchen and there he was getting up from his chair I said Hey Anthony! and went to hug him but I stepped on his toes as I did.
That night we were watching Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. I sat on the couch and he sat next to me.During the movie I felt something near my hand I looked down and it was his hands next thing we are holding hands. Then he put his arms around me by the end of the movie. He had only be home for a day and we were already holding hands. Apparently at the time he didn't know who was sitting next to him since I'm a twin he didn't know which was which. He later figured it out since I kept getting closer to him.

March 2006

That weekend my feelings for him grew stronger. The drive back home I felt that I could actually be married to him. Couple of days later after we got back home in Las Vegas, Him and a good friend of ours Kawika decided to do a road trip up to Utah. They stopped in Vegas and got to spend the night with us. We all went to the Las Vegas Strip and walked around. Anthony and I were able to talk about having a relationship. 

This was when we actually started a relationship more than just friends. Since then we had a long distance relationship. Then in May of 2007 He came to Hawaii and proposed.  

Then on March 8, 2008 We were sealed in the Mesa, Arizona Temple for Time and all Eternity. 

Running a Half Marathon together could symbolize how are long distance relationship was. In long distance running physically you are hurting but mostly you're mentally telling yourself to push through. MY long distance relationship with him was a brick wall I had to overcome and mentally telling myself to push through, he also helped me to push through when life was hard. He is such a great example to me and to our kids. Running along side with him and crossing the finish line together was such a huge accomplishment for the both of us.

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