Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today It is a beautiful day to play outside. The kids, dog and  I went outside after breakfast and soaked in the sun that was shining down. The kids was so excited to be able to go outside. Robert and Kelly's favorite thing to do is find rocks and every time they show me a rock it gets bigger. 
This particular rock that Robert is holding, Kelly wanted to hold THAT rock. Robert kept telling her "My rock". He even brought the rock inside and put it between him and Kelly watching their show on Netflix. 
 After they finished their show they went back out side and played with more rocks. They each found their own rock and decided to sit on it.
 They sat on their rock for a little bit after I snapped this picture and they made me think of how much they love their ROCK. I reflect on how they are my ROCK. They reminded me of the prayer rock that I did when I was little and that experience reminded me how I can teach them the power of prayer. They both have their ROCK and I wouldn't doubt that they would sit with their rocks during dinner and also when they sleep tonight and in the future. They are my ROCK.

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