Monday, June 2, 2014


Ok so we have been terrible at this I was just looking back at how long its been since we posted anything and I noticed that we started many posts in our drafts and never posted to our blog and have not been very good at keeping this thing up to date which after having just read a book called " The Power of Everyday Missionaries" I am once again committing myself to keep this thing a little more up to date than we have previously done. A few of the draft posts that we made was to let everyone know that we have moved to Ohio after applying for and receiving an assignment to be an ROTC instructor at  Ohio State University. We in part made the decision to come here since my sister Brittney and brother in law Andrew live here. We really enjoy having family around which we didn't have in Texas.

Anyway some of the things that have happened since getting here to Ohio is that my sister Brittney and I received a registration slip for the CAP CITY half marathon for Christmas. So we both ran that about a month ago which was really fun I had never run a half marathon for myself I had run two back in Texas the Austin half and the San Antonio rock and roll half with Sia and so we ran it at her pace. This time I was able to run my own run. I finished in 1hr 25 min which is five minutes faster than my goal so next time I do a half marathon I would like to knock at least 10 minutes off my time maybe even more. I have now started training for the Air Force marathon in September which I am looking forward to. Sia is getting ready for a glow run though it looks like she will be walking it due to the fact that she is now pregnant with our third child which is due on December 9th. I am hoping for the baby to come two days earlier on the 7th but if history has any say it will be even earlier than that both Kelly and Robert were born a week or so before their due date so we shall see.

Kelly has spent the last month or so in a cast after breaking her leg while riding her bike she has what we hope to be her final appointment on Wednesday to get the cast off she along with the rest of the family are ready for her to get it off. We keep telling her not to put weight on it but trying to keep her still is like trying to catch a tornado with a butterfly net. Especially since her younger brother want to play with her all the time and she see's how much fun there is to have especially now that spring has come and it is starting to warm up.

One of the main reasons we want her out of the cast is that next week we will be heading back to Arizona to visit and my parents have a pool as many in Arizona do with a cast on it will be a long week for Kelly without being able to get into the pool. We are all looking forward to this visit to Arizona it has been a long time since we have been back.

Sorry about being lazy I will make another concerted effort to be better. Adios for now

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