Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Best Weekend!!

 Where did the time and day go it has gone by so quickly. We didn't write anything in April and we are sorry for not keeping up for that month. April, all I could think of in the month of April is Paperwork!!!! During the  Weekend of General Conference, as LDS(Mormons) where we listen to our beloved Prophet President Thomas S. Monson, his counselors, apostles and other general authorities for two hours; Anthony and I made an offer on a house. After months of paperwork and signing and waiting, this past Friday on May 17th we closed on a house in Columbus, Ohio...WAHOO!. To celebrate as new homeowners we took the kids to Seaworld/Aquatica

We went with one of my best friends Whitney Copeland and her kiddos and her sister. The kiddos had so much fun especially my Robert. He loves the water. He gets so excited of splashing water everywhere that is not the bathtub.

 Kelly has become so big and independent that tells us where and what ride she wants to go one. Robert and Kelly loved going on this wet slide. If they could they could have gone the whole day. Robert cried a little but as soon as we said food he stopped.

One of the big rides she got to go one was the Journey to Atlantis. While standing in line she kept saying "I love roller coasters" By the time we got in the boat, she held on to me and Anthony. After we got to the bottom, I asked her "Did you like it?" She replied "No I don't like Roller Coasters". After spending several hours at Aquatica we went to Seaworld for dinner and we ran into these awesome friends
Robert and Kelly weren't sure about Telly and The count but Anthony and I sure had a blast with them. At seasworld there was a BAY of PLAY for kids. There were kid rides and also a show of Elmo and friends. The kids loved going the Blowfish, shamu ride and the carousel. Of course someone was getting tired while eating with some friends and this is what happen.
 Robert had to get some zzz's in before playing again. Kelly needed a break and recharge her battery as well.  Of course us parents was also happy we needed a break to just sit and enjoy the breeze. Sometimes us parents need to refuel. One of the greatest moments as parent is seeing there daughter hug one of the friendliest monster

It was amazing that Kelly had pointed out who Elmo was. She told me she wanted to hug elmo and to take her picture with Elmo. I couldn't be much happier to do that. The smile on her face is what matters. After spending 10 awesome hours at Aquatica and Seaworld we were all wiped out the kiddos had a blast and it was the first time the kiddos has played for that long. Anthony and I knew once we get in the car and start driving away that the kiddos will be sleeping.
I couldn't ask for a better weekend. In Sacrament meetings one of us would be outside with one of the kiddos. Today we only took the kiddos out once just to go to the bathroom. In Sacrament meeting today both kids were better than ever. Kelly also bless the food today all by herself. Weekend was a hit!! Until next time stay safe!

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