Friday, November 20, 2009


I am going to write a little update of things that have gone on though sia has covered some things like how AWESOME Phantom of the Opera was. I had never gotten to see it and we sat up pretty close. So close that when the chandeler ignited for the first time we could feel the heat that it emited that was a cool experiance. Today was the make up PFA ( physical fitness assesement) for those of the detachment who hadnt taken it the first time for whatever reason and those who wanted to retatake it to get a better score. Allowing people to retake it is something new this semester since the class is now two credits and is for an actual grade instead of just pass or fail. Myself as well as most of the senior class had to go be proctors for the PFA so I didnt really have a real PT session this morning. Last night or should I say this morning I didnt get much sleep we went to the midnight showing of NEW MOON and got home around three and I had to be up at five to be able to make it to PT. HOOOAAA no sleep. Its all good though I dont feel tired anyway. For some reason when we got home this morning from the movies the gate to our housing complex wasnt working so we had to park the car outside the gate which we were kind of nervous about. When I got out there two hours later the car was just fine and in one piece so I was happy. Last but certainly not least is the fact that the semester is almost over and I am getting ready to graduate and commission. Yay for being done, it will be so nice to be done with everything and then only have to worry about getting to Vandanberg and all of that fun stuff which is kind of a pain becasue I cant do anything really untill I get my orders and who knows when that will be but I will keep everyone posted.

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