Wednesday, January 20, 2010

6 months check-up

On Monday We went to Kelly's 6 months check up. She weighs 17 pounds 4 ounces which puts her in th 75th percentile and her height was 27 inches long which puts her in the 95th percentile. She also got 5 shots. She is so strong when it comes to shots now. When I saw the nurse poke her with the first shot I saw Kelly's crying and then I couldn't hear her because she was crying so much like she couldn't breath. She was in a little pain but after she got the liquids in her mouth she was fine. Doctor said that we could start moving her up to 2nd foods of baby foods but she has already started when she was 5 months old. He also said we could start introducing her to a sippy cup. He also says that Kelly is already acting like she is 9 months old. She is already blabbing and sitting up on her own. She is one half Tongan baby.

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